Foundational SEO

The right Foundational SEO can give more helpful info to search engines so your website can be appropriately indexed and show up in the searches your possible customers are doing online. Best of all, when your site starts ranking for the right keywords, the traffic your content creates can increase considerably. Great Foundational SEO can build resilient website traffic that grows over time far more cheaply than spending on monthly digital ads.

Art of Strategy Consulting can perform an SEO audit on your existing website then make the changes you need to start ranking in search results organically. Proper planning pays long-term dividends. If you want reliable results from your digital marketing dollars, a Foundational SEO audit and plan are the right first steps to get the traffic your website deserves.

Organic SEO
Foundational SEO at work

How it works

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps get your website a high ranking on a search engine’s results page through algorithm-driven results. Keywords, backlinking, and exceptionally high-quality content will improve a website’s ranking. Art of Strategy evaluates your site for SEO gaps and makes the necessary changes to boost Google rankings. A content program follows to increase Google’s need to come back and find good keywords. Remember – organic SEO is a long game with big paybacks in long term site traffic and high rankings.

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