5 Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Business

Tina Winslow
February 21, 2024

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy. This means that making your customers happy is one of the smartest moves you can make to grow your business. Finding new people to buy your products or services can be tough in a world where everyone is trying to sell something. But don’t worry! Here are 5 ways to attract new customers to your business, ensuring it keeps growing strong.

When you enjoy a meal at a great restaurant, you tell your friends, right? That’s the idea behind asking for referrals. If your customers like what you do, ask them to tell their friends about you. After all, 92% of consumers trust referrals from friends and family over other forms of advertising. You can even make it worth their while by giving them something in return, like a discount or a free item, next time they buy something. This way, they’re more likely to spread the word, and you get more customers. It’s a win-win!

Networking is a fancy word for meeting new people who might need what you’re selling. You can do this by going to events related to what you do, joining groups of other business owners, or being part of local community events. After all, 75% of customers either require or prefer in-person meetings, meaning that you can lose clients simply by not meeting them in person. When you meet new people, don’t just try to sell them something right away. Get to know them, and find out how you can help each other. This can take time, but those new friends could become your next customers or even introduce you to someone who will.

Your website is like your business’s online home. It’s often the first place people go to learn about what you offer. Make sure your website looks good, is easy to use, and tells people clearly what you do, why you’re great, and how they can buy from you or get in touch. After all, 94% of first impressions are design-related. Keep your website fresh by adding articles, customer stories, or photos. This not only keeps people interested but also helps more people find you when they search online.

People like to buy from experts. Share what you know about your business in ways that help people. You could write articles, make videos, or even give free talks or workshops. This shows you know your stuff and builds trust. When people trust you, they’re more likely to think of you when they need what you’re selling. Plus, it sets you apart from others who are just trying to sell, sell, sell.

Find other businesses that offer things that go well with what you sell but are different. For example, if you make handmade soaps, partner with a local boutique that sells towels or bathrobes. You both get more attention, and customers get a better deal or a more interesting product combo. These partnerships can introduce you to new customers who might not have found you otherwise.At Art of Strategy Consulting, we know that finding new customers isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely possible with the right approach. We’re here to support you in putting these strategies into action. Whether it’s through improving your website, sharing your knowledge, or building partnerships, we can help you attract new customers and keep your business moving forward. Remember, happy customers are your best advocates, and with our help, you can keep them spreading the word about how great your business is. Let’s work together to make your business the best it can be, one satisfied customer at a time. By implementing 5 ways to attract new customers to your website, we can increase your online visibility and grow your business even further.