On its face, brand imagery seems straight forward. You imagine seeing a picture, a logo, and there you have it. If you are thinking solely of The Golden Arches and feeling like its time for lunch, who can blame you? Not only is it a recognized symbol but a lot of money has been poured into that marketing campaign. But there is a difference between a logo and brand imagery. What about your brand imagery? Believe it or not, brand imagery is more than a pretty pic and your slogan. Brand imagery creates a feeling in your customers about your brand. Sounds simple, but putting the right feels inside your customers without coming off creepy is an art.

All the Feels

Think of some of your favorite products. What does their brand imagery have in common? If you are a fan of an outdoor outfitter, you will probably see content pics of beautiful vistas, mountain ranges, nature, etc. What feelings do these brand images inspire? Two prominently, getting to the outdoors and remembering how wonderful you felt the last time you were in the wild. Brand imagery, as part of your digital presence strategy, is vital to creating the right impression with your potential clients. Art of Strategy understands this. Let us help you generate consistent content that always gives the right impression of your company, your expertise, and what you can do for your potential customers. 

Brand imagery is key to your potential customer’s experience with your company. Your perfect customer is out there; start giving them what they are looking for.

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