Whether you are new to working in Word Press or was there from the beginning, everyone can benefit from Foundation SEO. Get all the help you can get by thinking beyond keywords. The key to good Foundational SEO is knowing where the crawlers are looking for information. Overlooking images as a source for better content and SEO support can leave visually-impaired users with a poor experience, and you will miss out on SEO advantages from having good alt text. If you don’t know where to start with Foundational SEO or don’t want to be bothered with the intricacies of making a fantastic website, let us help you. Art of Strategy Consulting can get you in front of the right audience with reliable Foundational SEO.

Alt Text

How vital is Alt Text? Take a look at who’s looking. Google says, “Google uses alt text along with computer vision algorithms and the contents of the page to understand the subject matter of the image.” More importantly, they continue, “When choosing alt text, focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and is in context of the content of the page. Avoid filling alt attributes with keywords (keyword stuffing) as it results in a negative user experience and may cause your site to be seen as spam.” The Yoast add-on is a great way to get a first-pass check for alt text when your site has images. Can you put keywords in your alt text? Sure, but don’t go overboard. Just like good dialogue in a novel pushes the plot forward, every image has a purpose. Let each image help tell your website’s story and inform all of your users, including the algorithms.

Let your images do more than sit and look pretty. Art of Strategy is your source for Foundational SEO work or re-working of your website to get the audience you need.


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