Industries based on face-to-face customer interactions often underestimate the need for a website. Yes, you need a website. Whether you are an independent contractor for home improvements or own an ice cream truck, people want to know about you – and you need them to know. “Having” a website isn’t enough, but it is a good start. Let the experts at Art of Strategy Consulting create and manage your website to drive the traffic you need to get the business you want. It may sound intimidating, but it can be very straightforward.

Beyond Word of Mouth

An advertising budget is big, but not in the way many people think it is. Spending on a website, print media like flyers and business cards is easy to understand. But for client-facing businesses, this includes appearances like vehicle signage, uniforms, and the like. Having a website can put your name out there, but maintaining it properly with features like Foundational SEO and fresh content keeps traffic growing. Web development services from Art of Strategy Consulting not only puts you on the map but can make your site a destination for people looking for exactly what you do. The right website can make your advertising dollars go further. Spending a dollar to get a dollar’s worth of business is not a winning formula. Art of Strategy Consulting can increase your spending mileage substantially.

Yes, you need a website, but what you really need is a website from Art of Strategy Consulting. You understand the difference a professional can make. Now see what they can do for your website.

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