Content,Keywords, and Alt Text

February 5, 2021

What are you thinking about when putting the finishing touches on your new website? Take a few steps back and look beyond formatting and WordPress settings. A great website deserves to be seen. This means not only putting in the time for great content but doing the foundational SEO work in content, keywords, and alt text, to rank. If you need a plan to add finishing touches like foundational SEO, you need the Art of Strategy Consulting experts. 


Fresh content isn’t a one-trick pony, but something you get rewarded for in ranking. If your content is static, you can quickly fall off of the search engine radar into second-page search results no man’s land. But fresh content also has to be relevant, and the bots are getting better at finding the right answer to a search query. Do your end-users a favor and offer relevant content and not just clickbait.


You have probably heard of keywords and SEO even on the periphery of search engine optimizations. Keywords, especially ones in H2 subheadings, can get good results. Good keywords in your pages mean getting your end-user what they want. The longer they linger, the better for your conversions, especially if you’re selling something.

Alt Text

Everybody loves good images, even the bots. Alt Text in your images offers a context for how bots “see” your pics. They also help visually challenged users understand your site better. A picture is worth a thousand words, so be sure to include alt text. Remember, the more detail and specificity in your alt text, the better.

Let the experts at Art of Strategy Consulting add the foundational SEO your website needs to be seen. Content, keywords, and alt text are your gateway to better ranking and indexing.


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