Networking with Business Cards

March 22, 2022

Think print is dead? Perhaps you haven’t seen the latest trends in business networking. Think marketing mixed with speed dating where subtle rules of etiquette mix with the uncertainty of social interactions after a long pandemic. Yet, print is still alive and thrives in business cards. So be bold and let our experts at Art of Strategy Consulting show you how to stand out.

Nobody Mobiles First

Do you imagine your salespeople holding a wine glass in one hand and their mobile phone in the other during networking events? Think again. Nobody is vCard-ing on the first interaction. VCard is the last step of a successful exchange. Avoiding useless contact clutter is every salesperson’s dream, ergo the move away from swapping digital contact info at every opportunity. Besides, how would they hold their hors d’oeuvre dish?

Make a Splash

A visually stunning and concise business card can attract the attention you want and politely divert business mismatches. QR codes on business cards add value if your code leads to an impressive website. Our AoS experts can help you with that also.

What’s the Use?

A well-designed business card leaves the best impression after the conversation ends. Additionally, it stands out amongst a pile of cards destined for the trash can. Being remembered at networking events, for the right reasons, matters most.

Let our experts at AoS design a winning business card as part of your print promotions campaign. Contact us today.

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