Print promotions have something digital marketing will never touch – holding it makes it real. But the world of tangible marketing products goes way beyond flyers and business cards. SWAG, or stuff we all get, is more important than ever. With the current social distancing climate, it may be some time before you attend another industry convention in person. Don’t let your clients or employees go unappreciated. Art of Strategy Consulting can help you stay on everyone’s mind even when you are limited to remote working and interactions. A branded coffee mug can go a long way. Remember the mug “World’s Best Boss” – that could be you.


SWAG can create the same emotions in customers that brand imagery does, but with longer-lasting results. Seeing a social post with excellent photo composition and keywords, while good, may never be as fantastic as a thermal tumbler, especially if you are a coffee company. Art of Strategy Consulting can organize your SWAG campaign and make the right recommendations to leave a lasting impression. We understand how vital SWAG is in the current distance environment. Make the most of your marketing budget by sending the right materials to your clients. Let them know they are on your mind so that they can keep you on theirs.

Everybody loves SWAG (stuff we all get). Leave a lasting impression and stay on your client’s mind. Getting the results you are looking for starts with the right campaign plan – we can help.

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